About Us

vR started as a few real life friends playing games together. We all grew up in the same small town. Though countless years of online gaming, we have picked up a few strays. Little did we know that our online community has been one of the pillars for friendship/heartache across the United States.

The rules are simple:

You play your game, meaning we all have different skill levels. Take this as your chance to ask and learn.

Don't dish it unless you can take it, competition is fun even with some smash mouthing. *Keep Momma's and Special Needs out of it*
Bannable Offense!

Cool it if asked, If you are having a debate or just throwing rounds, Please stop if you are asked to stop.

We all know that Competitive gaming can stress everyone out and fallouts will happen. Chin up, Cool Down, Take a Break, and Game On!

- vR Squad -

Rugged Group of Brothers.